Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Towns: Out as of....

We are delivering the record tomorrow to the shops in ol Dublin Town, cheating on our release date, yar.

They will be available in All City, City Discs, Freebird, Spindizzy and Tower Records.

Hope to get some in to Plug'd Records in Cork next week.

International distribution through Cargo and Vulgar is online so ask for a copy in your local record shop and if they cant get it , tell them they are square.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 30th Halloween Lp Launch gig

We have finalised all the details for our 'Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Towns' Lp Launch party. The good folk at Block T  are sharing their venue with us for a facy dress/gig.  Block T is a free art space rather than a bar/club/venue setup so we are charging a tenner to cover all our costs and then folk can bring their own booze and we know libations will be plentiful.

The musical lineup is top class, of course Melodica Deathship will do a pulling out all the stops gig where we will attempt to summon a demon from the Bay.

We are thrilled that Legion of  Two have agreed to play. Heavy.

Niamh De Barra will also grace us with her stylings.

So an eclectic and excellent line up that will make for an epic night of Samhain madness.

Once again the artwork cannot be outdone, prints of this poster will be available on the night as well as the
Double Lp, so use some of the scrilla you saved by not getting fleeced by the bar and take home some artifacts of culture.

Friday, October 15, 2010

MF Doom / Melodica Deathship Pics by Ian Pearce

Our comrade Ian Pearce took some excellent snaps during our recent escapades warming up for MF Doom. Controversial gig, Doom came with all the  usual rap shenanigans, late arrival, equipment malfunctions, shouting at the sooundman etc. but delivered on all of his raps.  Promoters Choice Cuts had to take some unfair stick for it.  We are glad they made the effort, we managed to enjoy ourselves thoroughly.

There is a whole series of photos from the gig here

Monday, October 11, 2010

Drop D Interview

There is a pretty extensive Deathship interview on Irish undergound music blog Drop D.   Indeed,  we rambled so much they had to put it in two parts......

Part 1

Part 2

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cometh the Wax

The Lp has arrived safely in our grip.  I had heard from various friends and distributors that they had received them last week, indeed it seems we were the last to receive communion with the wax.  Those waiting by the post box will soon be relieved from the wait.  Release date is the 31st of October but I think I will bring a few to the Doom gig to sell next Tuesday, the 12th ......

These records will take the eye out of your head, such is the magnitude of the artwork and print. Here they are above shrouded in the mist of a photo from a phone.

The record is distributed by Cargo in the UK, Vulgar in Europe and we will handle distribution throughout our island.

You can order directly from us and we will throw in some stickers with it. The records cost 15 euro, the drop down menu on the paypal button indicates shipping so choose your location. Shipping in Ireland is 5 euro, UK and Europe is 7.50 and USA and the rest of the world is 10 euro.

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Shipping Options

If the above doesnt work out, you can put the relevant amount directly through paypal to