Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 30th Halloween Lp Launch gig

We have finalised all the details for our 'Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Towns' Lp Launch party. The good folk at Block T  are sharing their venue with us for a facy dress/gig.  Block T is a free art space rather than a bar/club/venue setup so we are charging a tenner to cover all our costs and then folk can bring their own booze and we know libations will be plentiful.

The musical lineup is top class, of course Melodica Deathship will do a pulling out all the stops gig where we will attempt to summon a demon from the Bay.

We are thrilled that Legion of  Two have agreed to play. Heavy.

Niamh De Barra will also grace us with her stylings.

So an eclectic and excellent line up that will make for an epic night of Samhain madness.

Once again the artwork cannot be outdone, prints of this poster will be available on the night as well as the
Double Lp, so use some of the scrilla you saved by not getting fleeced by the bar and take home some artifacts of culture.

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